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When Do Dallas, TX Ford Owners Need To Buy A New Battery For Their Ford Car Or Truck?

Many people overlook how important the battery is to to their vehicle's daily operation and never bother to even look at it. Your vehicles battery is not only responsible for starting the engine, it is also what keeps the electronics running at all times. When the engine is not running in your car, you can still play the radio, have the lights on or charge a device. All of these things are being powered by the battery and over time it will lose it's full power. Just like any rechargeable battery, over time and heavy use it will not keep it's charge for very long and the charge will not be very strong. This is why we suggest you have your battery tested here at Park Cities Ford of Dallas, especially if you are unsure as to when the last time it was checked or replaced.

Park Cities Ford of Dallas can install an OEM Motorcraft battery for your Ford vehicle today. If you do not own a Ford car or truck, we have several other battery manufacturers you can choose from.

Look At Your Current Battery For The Following Problems

  • Is your battery light on? - Your battery light on your dashboard will turn on if there is a problem with the battery or the charging system. This can mean either the battery is not receiving a proper charge from the alternator which will result in you not being able to start your vehicle. Here at Park Cities Ford of Dallas we can test your battery and your entire system to diagnose the problem and get it fixed for you.
  • Is the battery swollen? - Being exposed to the heat that is generated by your vehicle's engine and the temperature outside can cause your battery to swell in size. You will notice the sides of the battery bulging out by either looking at it, or running your hand over it. When your battery is swollen like this, it loses it's cranking power and charging capabilities.
  • Is your battery leaking? — A common battery problem is when corrosion has built up around the terminals where the battery wires get connected to the battery directly. The hydrogen gas is released from the acid inside of the battery and will cause the battery terminal to corrode. If you you see the corrosion on the negative battery terminal, this is a good indication that the battery is being undercharged. If the corrosion on is on the positive battery terminal, this is a good sign that your vehicle's battery is being over charged.
  • Does your engine slowly crank when starting? - When you go to start your vehicle and you notice the engine is slowly starting or turning over, this can be a sign of a batter problem. Your car's battery does not have enough cranking power to start your vehicle properly and in time it may not start at all.